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Karan Manchanda

  1. Karan has the gift of being a Life coach and an astrologer who will guide you through a transformational journey of self-discovery, helping you identify your unique gifts and talents.      
  2. A Creative Space To Decode Your Destiny Explore your unique path and the science behind it through Vedic Astrology. Join us to unlock the secrets of existence professionally and personally.
  3. Understanding yourself and others better can be achieved through your zodiac sign.
  4.  Astrology can inspire wonder and personal growth. It can help you develop empathy and communication.
  5. ThinkBefour was founded by a team of passionate and experienced Astrologer & Life coach Karan who believe in the power of personal transformation.
  6. We offer various services to help you ignite your inner fire and create a life you love.

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Astrologer Karan Manchanda

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What can we achieve? With the help of astrology? The answer is simple: “We help you to think right and plan before an event.”  

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May 18, 2024/

Nakshatras:-A Guide to Understanding Their Importance by Karan Manchanda In the vast world of astrology, the concept of Nakshatras holds a special place, offering profound insights into our personalities, behaviors, and life paths. As an experienced astrologer and life coach, I aim to unravel the significance of Nakshatras in simple terms, shedding light…

May 9, 2024/

“Popularity of Astrology Globally via Surveys” Astrology, which is the ancient practice of analyzing celestial movements to predict events and understand personalities, continues to capture the interest of many people. Surveys conducted in the United States and Europe show that approximately 25% to 30% of individuals believe in astrology. In 2014, the National…

April 30, 2024/

Understanding the Power of the Planet Saturn In Astrology, the placement of planets in the birth chart is believed to shape a person’s life and personality significantly. Saturn (Shani) plays a pivotal role among these celestial bodies, often associated with challenges, lessons, discipline, and karmic debts. Saturn is the slowest-moving planet, taking 30…

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Life is short; astrology is like a GPS, while life coaching helps clarify obstacles. Karan offers a unique blend of life understanding and astrology.