“What is the impact of horoscopes on our thought process?”

It is important to understand that analyzing horoscopes can help us know a person’s thought process. The planetary combinations can provide insight into how we think. Successful people often have a clear vision and strong thoughts to achieve their goals. Our thoughts matter because they can influence what we believe can happen.

However, staying grounded and avoiding daydreaming is essential, as excessive thinking can lead to a mental block. Therefore, it is crucial to differentiate between constructive and destructive thought processes. An astrologer can determine our capacity for thinking in different situations by examining our moon sign and its placement.

Why to consider horoscope readings?

A horoscope is like a cosmic map that astrologers use to tell people about their personality traits, potential life events, and general trends based on the positions of celestial bodies like planets and stars at the time of their birth. It’s kind of like a personalized forecast that some people believe can offer insights into their lives.

At times people just think that a horoscope is just very basic. It is not just  a word. Generally horoscope is practically a matter of the enlightened human brain,  which articulates our soul with mind and pleaded for a positive outcome. People do and do not trust horoscope prediction.

Horoscope is a roadmap

I have simplified the understanding of horoscopes for people who are not familiar with astrology. Here’s a brief explanation that will help you understand better:


H- A horoscope for an individual creates

O- Open-mindedness for

R- Research

O- On our circumstances

S- In a systematic way, which leads to

C- Caring &

O- Optimism efforts which

P- Produce the out that creates

E- Encouragement in our lives

The way we direct our thoughts has the power to influence our decisions. It’s worth considering using your horoscope and astrological techniques to your advantage. Of course, it’s important to remember that astrology is not a crystal ball, and there are no guarantees. Rather, it’s a tool that can offer guidance and insights, but ultimately, the decision is always yours to make. Above all, never give up.

How to think before?

Actions are often irreversible. It’s far better to avoid living with regret by thinking before implementing or acting on something. We’ve been blessed with the ability to think, yet many of us find ourselves in preoccupied states that hinder our ability to think or analyze situations objectively. Just as doctors cannot treat themselves, we, as doers, often struggle to objectively assess our actions and their potential consequences.

Before we start, let’s understand the meaning of ‘Befour ‘: It’s a concept I’ve developed that encourages you to stay grounded in four essential elements.

F: To stay with the Facts,

O: which help you to become an Observer

U: that grows your Understanding

R: and ultimately achieve Resilience in you.

Each problem has a solution

Why Karma is important?

Prior preparation is key. The act of planning and contemplating before an event can wield a significant influence on the eventual outcome.

Your vision can influence your choices, and your choices shape your destiny and karma. Karma is the fruit or an outcome of your choice.  As an astrologer, I encourage you to explore the grey areas that may pose challenges. Astrology, a fascinating tool, can equip you with the tools to enhance your decision-making. But it’s not just about astrology.

As your mentor and astrologer, I guide you and help you nurture your wisdom. Together, we can develop the right plan and thoughts to empower you to consider different scenarios and develop contingency plans.

You can prioritize tasks, set deadlines, and allocate resources appropriately, leading to better time management and productivity. Astrology, as a tool, not only enhances decision-making but also fosters innovative thinking and problem-solving skills.

It provides a unique perspective that can lead to creative solutions. And with my mentorship, you will be empowered to implement your plans promptly. I firmly believe in your inherent wisdom and am here to help you spot what to avoid. Trust in your inherent wisdom, and together, we can navigate the complexities of life.

Why choose me?

I have a vast experience with my work and understood that horoscope analysis can help us to a greater extent. But its not always helpful in this modern era as we cannot do the prayers or meditations like our sages used to perform.

I can try to give you practical solutions with the help of astrology and my experience. As your mentor and astrologer, I am a good listener and you can trust me to guide you through the process.

Disclaimer:- I am just a human and not God

Karan Manchanda

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Life is short; astrology is like a GPS, while life coaching helps clarify obstacles. Karan offers a unique blend of life understanding and astrology.